Unroll.Me: From 0 to 1.3 million Users (1 Hack)

How did Unroll.me manage to gain 1.3 million users within just 3 years:

  1. First, they discovered a really hot massive problem – cluttered email inboxes.

  2. They offered a simple solution for free – you can unsubscribe from all newsletters you are no longer interested in.

  3. After the launch, tech blogs were happy to write about an app that solves a hot problem of their readers. This helped them to get the first thousands of users.

  4. Right after you start using the app and choose 5 newsletters to unsubscribe from, Unroll.me shows a pop-up “In order to unsubscribe from more than 5 subscriptions, help out by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email“.

Result: 1.3 million users virally in 3 years (+ Unroll.me was acquired).

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