TOP 5 Insights to Motivate Your Sales Team

If you ever tried to sell, you know how frustrating it can be. People just burn out.

A sales guru Andrew Berger, who manages multiple sales teams for TOP companies, shared his best tips on how he motivates his sales teams.

  1. They celebrate together inspiring feedback from their customers.
    It really boosts morale.

  2. They run a contest offering a paid Friday off for a team of 2 random employees (IE: implementation specialists, AE: account executives, and BDR: business development reps).
    It allows for teamwork to reach across team boundaries.

  3. The winning team gets a physical “Sales Shark.” which Berger physically delivers by hand.

  4. A compensation plan and goals are based on what they actually control. For example, BDR = not on a number of sales they have no control over, but on a number of quality leads generated for AE.

  5. They experiment with incentives per achieved goal. If an incentive isn’t working, they kill it and come up with something different.

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