This Startup was Bought for $1 Billion in 5 Years. How?

You probably know that last year Unilever bought Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion.

But this would never have happened without their famous video.
It gained 24 million views virally, while only costing $4,500 and took a single day to shoot.

How did CEO Michael Dubin manage to achieve these insane results?

  1. He studied sketch and improve for 8 years.
    So he just utilized his unique passion/talent (what is your passion/talent?)

  2. He received $1M of seed round funding, but delayed the announcement to time it with the video launch and a re-launch of the website.
    As a result, the press covered all 3 events.

  3. He also timed it to go up just before South by Southwest.
    Everyone was talking about the video while they were in Austin.

1. 24 million views virally.
2. Bought for $1 billion in 4 years.

Mind. Blown. Away.


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