ThemeIsle: How Ionut Managed to Turn his Failure Into a $60K/M Business

Than he decided to create and sell WordPress themes.

After investing $10K and 6 months he was ready to close the whole thing down. But he didn’t.

A few final experiments helped him achieve $60,000/month in 6 months.

Here they are:

  1. He acquired another WordPress themes site on for $3,000. At the time, it was earning around $300/month. He improved the theme and increased revenue by 3 times to $900/month.

  2. He acquired another free WordPress plugin for a few hundred dollars, and turned it into a freemium plugin. It resulted into $1,500/month in additional sales.

  3. Then he increased prices 3-4 times. Result: his revenue jumped up to $5,000/month.

  4. Then he bought the rights to use another already popular template for building a WordPress theme. Again he turned it into a freemium plugin. Result: his revenue jumped up to $20,000/month.

  5. A/B testing, blogging and reinvesting in marketing helped him to scale his success and achieve $60K/month.

Sometimes it’s easier to buy something already cool and market/scale it than to invest in something from the ground up.



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