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Brand Therapist & Digital Marketing Agency

We exist to offer a point of view and to deliver design impact. It doesn’t take lots of people to achieve this, it just takes expertise and a “can do” approach to deliver well-crafted solutions to the difficult challenges businesses face in this new and complex world.

We are a team of collaborative and creative problem solvers who know how to deliver design impact across an entire brand and business.

Our Services

What We Can Do for Your Business?

Graphic Design

Logo, Packaging, Advertising, etc.

Creative Branding

Brand Identity, Business Concept, etc.

Digital Marketing

Website, SEO, Copywriting, etc.

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Skills you can trust

"Enxyclo membantu bisnis clothing saya menjadi lebih baik secara brand awareness dengan ide-idenya yang unik, spesial, dan khas. Sangat cocok dengan keadaan kekinian dan kondisi bisnis era digital yang membutuhkan sentuhan khusus dalam pemasarannya"
Silka Mitrasari
CEO Silka Clothing
completed projects

It’s not about our business, it’s about yours. So we’ve simplified ours so we can focus on you. Less people. Less process. More sense. Better output.

Magicians Behind Enxyclo

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible works.

Fachmy Casofa

CEO / Content Crafter

Bayu Suryanto

Art Director / Graphic Designer

Danar Nugh

Motion Graphic

Qalbinur N

Content / SEO

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