LinkedIn: 1000x to 530M in 15 Years

Since 2003, Linkedin grew from 500K to 530M members.
Here’s how…

2003 – 2007:
1. Reid Hoffman and his team manually invited well-connected people in the industry.
2. Viral growth (importing contacts, invitations sent via email).
3. Public profiles launch (SEO).

2008 – 2011:
1. Dedicated growth team (~15 people) focused on acquisition.
2. Translated into local languages. Result: +100% lifts in growth per language.

2012 – …:
1. Dedicated growth teams focused on acquisition, activation, connections, retention and resurrection notifications.
2. Switched from the focus on numbers to a focus on the quality of leads.
3. Optimization for mobile phones.
4. Focus on partnerships/integrations (target users who are already on another platform).
5. More translations into local languages.
6. Focus on growth in China, India, and new markets: Germany, Japan, healthcare.
7. Focus on more A/B tests, faster.
8. Paid ads for users with high LTV.

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