Lead Generation Funnel by Tony Robbins

I hope you know Tony Robbins, as he is the #1 US life and business coach. His net worth is $500 Million.

Looks like he has something for us to learn from ;). He has enough funds to run thousands of A/B tests to uncover the highest performing lead generation funnel.

Let’s look at it (and copy ;))

  1. You visit his landing page and see a CTA: “Take our free life assessment” (= first focus is on giving value for free)

  2. Then you see TOP 3 benefits you’ll get after taking the assessment + a CTA “Take the assessment now!” (= focus on what you’ll get specifically + only 3 options to not overwhelm you)

  3. You can see 14 questions:
    3.1. They are divided into 7 step-by-step pages (= to not overwhelm you)
    3.2. You have only 2 questions per page (= to not overwhelm you)
    3.3. 1st question is about your current pain (= to be on the same wavelength as you)
    3.4. 2nd question is about your desired state (= to make you imagine your pleasant future)
    3.5. You can answer with a click of your mouse (= super easy)
    3.6. The questions are about problems that his products solve (= now he knows what to sell you)

  4. After you answered all the questions you can see an opt-in form: “To view your personal Wheel of Life and learn what your results mean, fill out the form below.” (= Now you know why you’re giving your email away + you already invested your time into filling out the form, so you don’t want to lose it – hence, motivated to give your email)

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