How to Lose 47% of Customers

You tried so hard to acquire, activate, nurture, and convert your leads into customers.
And then, one day, 73% of them quit.

Bad customer service. It’s responsible for 73-91% of customers to stop doing business with you.

How to prevent this?

Here’s what causes bad customer service (use this list as a checklist):
1. Contacting the same company multiple times for the same reason: 47%
2. Being passed from rep to rep: 43%
3. Rude customer service: 37%
4. Waiting too long for a response: 35%
5. Rep that can’t answer my question: 33%
6. Rep not following up: 24%
7. Being told to perform another action to resolve the issue: 24%
8. Being unable to reach a rep: 23%
9. Lack of support info online: 11%

Also, remember that 91% of unhappy customers don’t complain. They just quit quietly.



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