Harry’s: 3x Referrals (The First Steps to $200M)

Harry’s is a subscription service similar to the famous “One dollar shave club”, acquired some time back for $1 billion.

Harry’s has over 3 million monthly recurring customers and generates over $200 million in revenue.
But in 2013, they didn’t exist.

What were their first steps that you can replicate?

  1. They focused on referrals as their #1 source of customers. So they created a simple contest: win a free shave cream by referring 5 friends, and the grand prize – a year of free shaving – by referring 50 friends.

  2. Created a simple landing page focused on serving one key pain point of the market – to make quality shaving affordable.

  3. Harry’s had 12 team members at that time. Each of them notified their friends and family about the competition.

  4. Gained attention of media outlets like Forbes, Marketing Week, etc. by attacking Gillette that owned 66.3% of the market share in 2013.
    Result: they gained 23,000 email addresses.

  5. After people subscribed they were offered to invite their friends for the chance to win the prizes.
    Result: 23,000 initial people referred around 77,000 friends (= referrals more than tripled their email list).

  6. In 7 days, right after they gained 100,000 email addresses, they launched their e-commerce site and their sales exploded.

P.S. Four years after Harry’s launch, referrals continue to be a big part of their traffic (over 70,000 sessions per month).

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