Groove: From We’re Dying to $500K/Month

Groove’s team was only a few months from running out of cash and nothing was working to attract new customers.
They tried to blog, but only crickets were reading it.

Then they changed something and in 3 years achieved $500K/month in annual recurring revenue.

What did they do?
1. They sent 40+ emails to content marketers that they respected, asking if they’d be willing to chat and share secrets on content marketing.
2. A few replied and agreed to talk.
3. They realized they didn’t have an answer to the question, “How does our blog help our market in a way no one else helps?”
4. For 2 months they stopped doing anything at all except asking that question in small business communities: Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.
5. They compiled all of the responses into a list and realized what the market required the most – the real story of a small business, struggling with the same challenges as everyone else, and sharing everything that they learned along the way.
6. Two months later, they re-launched their blog, and positioned it as “From “aha” to “oh shit,” we’re sharing everything on our journey to $100,000 in monthly revenue.”
7. Boom! Within 24 hours, the blog had 1,000 email subscribers. People were reading, subscribing, and converting into customers. Within a month, they had 5,000 subscribers. Within 3 years – 250,000 visitors each month and $5 million in annual recurring revenue.



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