$100k in a Month After Launching with $0 Invested

It can take you ages and tons of investment to make money from your startup (though no guarantees).
This study says – no.

Topo managed to make $100,000 in 30 days after launching.

Here are their steps you can replicate:
1. Ryan loved his standing desk but found his legs fatigued fast.
2. Decided to solve this problem himself.
3. Experimented – and after a while designed a mat with calculated terrain to drive healthy movement and postural variety.
4. Discovered that keyword “standing desk calculator” has low competition.
5. Created “Standing Desk Calculator” and started to collect emails.
6. Launched their blog “QuittingSitting” + collecting emails from it.
7. From time to time offered their email list to beta test prototypes for free.
8. Incentivized their email subscribers to share (this trick increased the size of their list by 2,000%).
9. Launched a pre-sales campaign for their email subscribers.
10. Offered commissions from pre-sales to bloggers in exchange for featuring them.
11. After influencers tweeted about Topo, they ran a Facebook ad targeted to fans of that influencer, featuring that influencer’s tweet. (smart :))

They made $100,000 in 30 days after launch… before spending a penny on manufacturing their mats.

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