10 Ideas for Your Evergreen Content

You work hard, publish your next article, but it gets outdated in a few days/weeks/months. Then you start all over again and die one day like a hamster in a wheel.
Or you create evergreen articles?

What would you choose? 🙂

Here are 10 ideas, on what to write your next evergreen article about:
1. Your own original research.
2. Assemble 100 pieces of stats from across your industry.
3. Your success story, case study.
4. Your fail story, “what went wrong” case study.
5. One shocking stat and its consequences.
6. How-to for beginners or advanced users.
7. How-to checklist.
8. A list of ideas and resources.
9. Best free and paid tools.
10. A list of top influencers in a specific niche.

11. Best books for a specific goal or niche.
12. A list of common mistakes in a specific niche.
13. History of a topic or product.
14. Single-greatest tip roundup.
15. Worst practices list.
16. A complete glossary of a niche or topic.

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